Amalfi Coast wedding

Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast wedding

Wedding in Amalfi Coast is the sum of the best things Italy can offer – breathtaking views, luxury historical venues and finger-licking-good food. The cosy town named Amalfi shares its name with the beautiful coastline south of Naples in Italy. This little town has warm summers and mild winters. Amalfi coast is very popular with tourists and as a wedding destination.

Located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, this is a land of beauty deemed by UNESCO. A drive along the coastal road lets you admire some of the most amazing views in the world. It is considered to be the most beautiful road in Italy and was built in the first half of the XIX century.

People in the south of Italy are friendly and hospitable. Amalfi Coast is the place to enjoy seafood and limoncello liquor. This destination is a well-known region of lemons cultivation. Local variety is called ‘Sfusato Amalfitano’. Beautiful gardens sparkle like gems on the cliffs from February till October. This period is ideal for your wedding in the Amalfi coast.

Amalfi Coast wedding planner

A wedding planner is always the easiest and fastest way to creating your perfect wedding. Magic Day team is mostly invited to design and plan large-scale events that are impossible for a bride to manage herself.

We also have experience creating small events with budgets below ten thousand euro. Our event manager located in Naples commands perfect expertise of the region and its specifics. Her knowledge combined with our internationally developed processes guarantees that every wedding in Amalfi Coast that we take care of will be perfect. Professional planners like Magic Day usually can also save you money due to special discounts offered by the venues and vendors.

Getting married in Amalfi Coast

Getting married in Amalfi Coast is no different from any other part of Italy. You can choose between a religious ceremony of any confession, civil wedding in one of the venues approved by the local authorities or a symbolic ceremony in any venue of your choice.

Amalfi Coast destination wedding

Destination wedding in Amalfi Coast is our core area of expertise. Magic Day team has been planning destination weddings and parties in Europe since 2008. We must say that Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful destinations for private celebrations around the world. Get in touch, and we will help you choose your perfect venue and design the most amazing wedding of your dreams.

Amalfi Coast wedding venues

A wide variety of wedding venues is available in the region. You can celebrate your Amalfi Coast wedding in an ancient monastery, luxury seaside hotel or on a flowering restaurant terrace offering stunning views.

Magnificent villas and beautiful nature will be the best possible backdrop for your Amalfi wedding photos. The coastline is one of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean shore. Visitors enjoy breathtaking vertical scenes, amazing forests and gardens.

The crags seem to be born from the palette of an impressionist painter. The scent of lemons combined with the aroma of saltiness create a unique atmosphere for your Amalfi Coast wedding.

Just imagine your wedding ceremony under the beautiful mountains that seem to be diving straight into the sea. Amalfi Coast is a dream place for any wedding ceremony you wish. You can hold any type of wedding ceremonies here, including civil, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish. Magic Day, your Amalfi Coast wedding planner can also help you with the symbolic and blessing ceremonies.

Amalfi Coast wedding Palazzo Belmonte

Amalfi Coast wedding villas

Palazzo Belmonte is an oasis in a modern world. It used to be Prince Belmonte’s residence going back to the XVII century. It takes only 2 hours to get here from the Naples International Airport. Palazzo lies in the heart of Magna Graecia. It combines traditional style and modern comfort.

Belmonte boasts of beautiful territory filled with flowers. Edoardo’s House which is a small part of the Palazzo is a masterpiece of the XVII Century architecture. The terraces overlooking the endless blue sea are perfect for a wedding with a view of Amalfi Coast.

Each room has a unique name selected after a flower growing in the villa’s garden. The design of apartments infuses the bright colours of Southern Italy and the amazing furniture of the XVIII and XIX centuries. The rooms are ideal for a comfortable stay. Palazzo Belmonte is perfect for your unforgettable wedding in Italy.

Wedding in Amalfi Coast Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina is a 5-star venue for your Amalfi Coast wedding. It occupies a natural terrace in the cliffs from where you can admire the beautiful scenery of the coastal line. The hotel’s location and architecture are stunning. You will have an absolute pleasure of staying at this hotel.

Santa Caterina Hotel offers superior facilities including a private beach club and a heated seawater pool. The rooms are extremely comfortable and elegant. If you do not feel like walking the narrow sidewalks of the curvy Amalfi Coast roads, you can get the hotel’s shuttle bus to the town.

Just imagine your beautiful photo session of your Amalfi wedding near the stunning purple wisteria in the hotel’s garden boasting of old lemon and orange trees. You and your guests will enjoy a modern interpretation of classic local food in the hotel’s restaurant. The food is delicious and fresh. The staff is helpful and very professional. The view from the restaurant is captivating.

You will have an unforgettable and delightful Amalfi Coast wedding in Hotel Santa Caterina that has everything to become your perfect wedding venue.

Weddings in Ravello

Ravello is a small piece of heaven in Italy located about 5 km from the town of Amalfi. Ravello is well-known for its unique landscape and breathtaking views due to its situation on a high rocky outcrop in the middle of the coastline.

It boasts the most beautiful views of the entire Amalfi Coast. It is more intimate and tiny than other villages of the coast. Located high enough to enjoy spectacular panoramas of Italy, sea vistas and an endless blue sky, it is a perfect destination for your wedding. The beautiful gardens of this amazing village make all wedding photographers crave for a wedding here.

The story goes that Ravello’s name origin comes from “res-bella” or “rebellum”. By this name, the population marked their independence towards the Republic of Amalfi. A beautiful Ravello wedding can take place here overlooking the entire Gulf of Salerno. Weddings in Ravello help you experience the charm of the finest luxurious hotels in Italy. Magic Day, your Ravello wedding planner will help you enjoy your Ravello wedding without any worries.

Ravello wedding planner

Over twenty wedding planners are offering their services in Ravello. Magic Day is the only company that combines the local expertise of our permanent coordinator located in the region with international standards that gives us the ability to take care of the largest celebrations and most demanding clients.

Getting married in Ravello

Religious and civil weddings, as well as symbolic ceremonies, can all take place in Ravello. Get in touch to start planning your amazing wedding in Ravello.

Belmond Hotel Caruso Amalfi Coast Ravello birthday celebration

Wedding venues in Ravello, Italy

Belmond Hotel Caruso is considered to be one of the best wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. It is nestled high on cliffs above the sea. The location gives an impression of a ‘balcony’ dominating the shimmering blue waters below. It is a fantastic venue for a Ravello wedding.

Belmond Hotel Caruso occupies the highest lot above Ravello. You and your guests can enjoy breathtaking views from the hotel. The level of service is impeccable, just as everywhere else throughout Belmond hotels around the world.

Your guests will enjoy traditional Italian cuisine reimagined by the Chef, Mimmo di Raffaele at your Caruso weddings in Ravello.

Just imagine your beautiful Amalfi wedding photos on the hotel’s wooden boat “Ercole” that can take you for a discovery trip to Roman Pompeii or anywhere else you want. You will enjoy each moment of your Ravello wedding in Belmond Hotel Caruso!

Ravello wedding Villa Eva

Villa Eva is a beautiful wedding venue in Ravello built in a rare late liberty style. Ravello wedding ceremonies can be hosted inside, in the refined and elegant dining halls. The halls are soundproof, so we can invite a DJ or a live band to animate your weddings in Ravello. A splendid view of the sea opens from each window.

We can also setup your wedding celebration outside. The area can be personalised according to your taste and budget. The outside bar has a traditional wood stove used to prepare pizza, calzone, piadina, orecchiette e fagioli, borboni alla puttanesca and many other mouthwatering examples of traditional Italian food.

Villa Eva’s roof is the highest point of the town. Your wedding ceremony there will make your Ravello wedding even more memorable.

Wedding in Positano

Positano is an enchanting location for your Amalfi Coast wedding. It is the pearl of the region. The tiny houses are painted in pastel colours. The fresh fragrance of lemons will follow you through the maze of green alleys of the town where small shops offer local specialities: leather sandals and colourful ceramics.

The history of Positano is uncertain. According to the oldest legends, Neptune and the nymph Pasitea fell in love with each other in this place. The story attracted Romans who built their beautiful seaside villas here. Islands of “Li Galli” (Rotonda, Gallo Lungo and Castelluccio) are located only 3 miles from the coastline. They are said to be the homes of sirens of Homer’s Odysseus in ancient times. It is hard to believe Positano used to be a settlement of small population.

The best preserved historical places around are the churches. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta has the beautiful wooden icon of the Black Madonna. The New Church constructed in Baroque style in an unusual elliptical shape. The floor of the Chapel of St. John is decorated with the wind rose while the beautiful Church of the Holy Cross was built to protect the area from the Saracen pirate attacks.

Enjoy the warm hospitality of this lovely town. Among many other venues, your beautiful Positano wedding can take place on a pebble beach a few steps from the blue sea.

Positano wedding planner

Magic Day is your best choice among Positano wedding planners. Our international standards combined with the expertise of our local event manager allow us to create world-class events in Positano.

Getting married in Positano

Several historic churches make Positano a perfect destination for a Catholic wedding. It is also a perfect place for civil and symbolic ceremonies in a variety of beautiful venues offering fantastic sea views and mouth-watering menus for your celebration dinner.

Positano wedding planner La Sirenuse

Positano wedding venues

Hotel Le Sirenuse is a perfect place for your Positano wedding. Situated in the centre of the town it is a short drive from Ravello, Naples, Capri and Pompeii. Staying in Le Sirenuse for your marriage, you can visit all the notable cities along the Amalfi Coast easily.

The hotel is owned by Sersale family. Convenience, comfort and mood are combined here. It is interesting to know that influential European hoteliers established this hotel in 1928. “To us, hospitality is not an industry; it is an art… and our passion.” – Say the owners. The hotel is almost 90 years old.

The hotel owns a classic boat, the “Sant’Antonio”. You can take a marine excursion and explore the new sights of Italy from June to October. Each room is beautiful and has a tiny balcony or a terrace to relax on. You will like the museum-worthy antiques.

Hotel’s rooms overlook the pool and the beautiful bay below. You can also admire a great view of the town and the Church Dome. In case of a rainy day, the hotel’s spa, a well-equipped gym and sauna with a Turkish bath are there for you. You can have a rest in an intimate sitting room overlooking the sea.

The breakfasts in La Sirenuse are the best: freshly baked cakes, seasonal fruits and juices, pastry, local prosciutto, cheese and mouth-watering salads. The restaurant offers a great selection and has a lovely atmosphere. Why not celebrate your Amalfi wedding in Italy here? Your guests will enjoy the cocktail and traditional buffalo mozzarella pizza at the pool deck overlooking the bay.

The hotel staff is outstanding. Simply said, La Sirenuse is a perfect place for your wedding in Positano. The swimming pool and magnificent sea views will provide an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos.

Positano wedding Villa Oliviero

Villa Oliviero is also located in Positano. It lies on a rocky spur in the highest part of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Nestled just 180 steps above town’s main road it is hidden from tourists crowding the area during the summer.

Imagine your dream wedding in Positano taking place here! The gardens are beautiful… Believe us: your guests will be blown away by the scenery. You will enjoy spacious rooms, attentive staff, outdoor Jacuzzi and the Turkish bath. The staff will provide you with everything to enjoy your Positano stay.

Villa Oliviero has only six bedrooms that may accommodate 12 guests. You can relax on the room’s balcony offering fantastic views of the town. This villa can become a luxury home for you and your guests for your Positano wedding in Italy.

Magic Day, your Positano wedding planner will help you with all the aspects of the organisation, including decoration and food. The BBQ and Italian pizza on the villa’s terrace are too delicious to be described… You will remember forever the fresh Mediterranean breakfast offered by the Hotel. Villa Oliviero is a perfect place to setup everything you could require for a memorable event.