Wedding planning courses online for free

Wedding planning courses online provide a perfect opportunity to become a wedding planner in a short time. Well-structured wedding planning course online offered for free focuses on the specifics of the wedding planning and encompasses various elements of this complicated planning process. Effective wedding planning courses teach you a broad scope of aspects that wedding planning covers. These aspects include hospitality, catering, floristics, design, wedding etiquette, budgeting and contracting and much more. As a wedding planner, you will need to have different skills in each area of planning.

wedding planning courses online for free

The wedding industry is booming. New trends and ideas appear each year on the wedding market. Wedding planning career has become one of the most promising careers in the past years. While some still think that being a wedding planner is a simple job of organizing parties and making the clients and their guests happy, it’s not that basic. Not everybody can handle difficulties, work under pressure and meet deadlines. As a wedding planner, you need to have exceptional organizational and communication skills. Another important issue is your ability to solve problems and pay attention to every detail. A professional wedding planner is available day and night. The clients often have thousands of questions that they want to be answered immediately.

Wedding planner career does not require specific education. A degree in hospitality management, PR, design or international business is quite helpful and relevant in this area. Consider taking a wedding planning course online free. It will help you find the missing puzzle pieces. You can get the initial experience by planning and managing real events. As a wedding planner, you will need to have basic taste to create the styling of a wedding, floral design and décor. Alternatively, you can engage the services of professional decorators if the style is not your strongest virtue. You will absolutely need advanced communication skills to negotiate the details and conditions with all the partners as well as with the clients themselves. Another important skill is the ability to listen and hear the client’s preferences and concerns.

Do wedding planning courses online pay off?

Wedding planners often take their first career steps working as party planners for other companies and often for venues. For example, hotels usually have an in-house event planner. Another avenue is working independently, being self-employed. The salaries of a wedding planner depend on their experience, skills, niche, and their location. The average salary of a wedding planner in the US is $44,260 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

wedding planning courses

This amount is often higher if wedding planners stay in the industry longer and are effective in marketing their services. A wedding planner in the UK makes £22,000-£25,000 per year. In Australia, the wedding planner’s salary amounts 52,441 AUD. What does a wedding planner make in Europe? In Germany it’s €36,156 annually and in Italy – €41,511.

Did you decide to become a wedding planner? Are you sure that this job is right for you?



Register for wedding planning courses online for free! You will have and an excellent opportunity to learn the basic concepts of wedding planning. You will find out how to craft contracts, manage budgets and create schedules, timelines, and to-do lists. After the wedding planning courses online for free, you can start assisting organizing exceptional weddings or even plan a wedding independently. The wedding planning course online free is designed by professional and experienced experts of the wedding industry. The course is combines video with narration, includes examples of texts, pdf handouts, templates, images of real wedding planner work. The courses typically contain different sections and final assignments with due dates. The courses may also include tests, open questions, quizzes, and practical tasks.   

wedding planning courses online

The wedding planning courses online usually include the following sections:

  1. Introduction. It usually focuses on the basics of wedding planning. You will learn how important it is to take part in various events and networks related to the wedding business. Wedding planning job requires lifelong learning, you need to continuously develop your skills and knowledge. Introductions usually speak about the career benefits, earning potential and the tasks of a wedding planner. You will learn about the important role that a wedding planner plays. This part usually answers your questions about the skills and knowledge you need to possess to be successful in the wedding planning business.

  2. Wedding planning process. Taking wedding planning courses online for free, you will learn about the complexity and steps of the wedding planning process. You will learn how to split this process into specific stages of receiving a request, first meeting with a client and initial consultations, wedding proposal, contract, wedding day management and coordination, post-wedding activities. Wedding planning courses usually introduce templates, such as timelines, checklists, schedules and to-do lists that you can use while working on a real wedding.

  3. Wedding industry trends. Usually course participants learn about the most prominent recent trends in the wedding industry. Some courses offer a detailed description of wedding types and reveal interesting facts about wedding customs and traditions in different countries. This is an important part of a course for a wedding planner who decides to plan and organize destination weddings.

  4. Wedding theme development. This section covers basics of what a wedding theme is and how to create one that will be perfect for your clients. It teaches you to consider various factors, such as the seasonality, location, venue, color palette.

  5. Fundamentals of wedding design. Covering main décor techniques and wedding floral design basics, this part introduces you to the most beautiful element of wedding production. You will learn how to choose the right materials for the wedding design based on the set budget. Course participants will also learn about the importance of wedding stationery and find out how to match the stationery design with the theme and style of a wedding.

  6. Interaction with wedding vendors. The work of a wedding planner involves permanent interaction with vendors – caterers, florists, photographers and videographers, musicians, entertainers, DJs. A wedding planner will find out how to choose the right vendor for a wedding, how to create contracts and negotiate conditions with different suppliers during the wedding planning process.

  7. Wedding day management and coordination. A wedding planner may work alone at small weddings or work with an assistant or wedding coordinator on the wedding day. Wedding planning course online will highlight the importance of logistics and timelines for vendors’ arrival and setup on the wedding day.

  8. How to start your own wedding planning business. This section of a wedding planning course online even offered for free contains important information on how to start your wedding planning business. You will learn how to choose your target audience, price level and the geography of your services. You will need to decide whether you will offer your services locally or plan and organize destination weddings in certain geographical locations. You will learn about the importance of building a strong network of partners, vendors and suppliers. You will also find out how to create a database of the materials and templates to start a wedding planning process as a professional. Another important issue covered in this part is developing a wedding planner portfolio to showcase your work and experience to your potential clients. Marketing of your wedding planning services is final step of winning new clients and promoting your wedding planning business.



Wedding planning career will never be boring, as every wedding is unique. Planning and organizing a wedding, you will face new details to pay attention to and take care of.  At the wedding planning courses online for free, you will learn how to plan, organize and manage small and big weddings, how to offer services and build an advantage over competitors, how to accomplish wedding planning tasks during the preparation stage and on the day of the wedding. The courses will guide you through work with timelines, schedules, and to-do lists and will teach you to keep every smallest detail of planning under control. 

Wedding planning courses online for free provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the industry and planning details. As a course participant, you will benefit from document templates and accomplish assignments based on examples from real weddings. Wedding planning course online free is a fantastic chance to start your career as a wedding planner.

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