Opera Garnier Wedding

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Opera Garnier

The Palais Garnier, Charles Garnier’s true masterpiece, is notable for its extravagant interior design, mosaics, sculptures, busts, painted ceilings, and its use of light and color. The edifice is located in the heart of Paris, France, steps away from nearby historic hotels and a short drive from the best palace hotels in the city. The opera’s public areas are located around the Grand Staircase, the main auditorium, and include saloons, foyers, and banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 2,000 guests for a cocktail or 700 for a seated reception.

The Grand Staircase of Palais Garnier

A large ceremonial staircase made of white marble is the central feature of the building. It has a balustrade of red and green marble, decorated with female torchères. This staircase is ideal for ceremonies. Isidore Pils painted the ceiling above the staircase to portray The Triumph of Apollo and The Enchantment of Music Deploying its Charms, Minerva Fighting Brutality Watched By the Gods of Olympus, and The City of Paris Receiving The Plan of the New Opera.

The Foyers for Opera Garnier Wedding

The huge, richly decorated foyers are the most special choice for the cocktail and reception.

The Avant-Foyer is distinguished by its mosaic-covered vault, shimmering its colors against a background of gold. It offers a spectacular view of the Grand Staircase, Carré des Caryatides, and beyond.

Charles Garnier designed the Grand Foyer to resemble the Classical period chateaux’ galleries. It is the closest equivalent to the highly sought-after yet inaccessible Versailles Place’s Hall of Mirrors. The use of mirrors and windows adds to its immense size. Paul Baudry’s magnificent ceiling illustrates musical themes. The main decorative component of the lyre dominates all decorative vocabulary. It can be found on door handles, heating grids, and capitals. In the center of the foyer is a copy of Charles Garnier’s bust by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. It can be seen near one of the windows that offer a view of the Avenue de l’Opera and the Louvre.

Avant-Foyer and Grand Foyer are connected, allowing ample space for Gala dinners (up to 700 guests). The Grand Foyer’s extension, the open Loggia, offers a spectacular view of Avenue de l’Opera.

Auditorium at Opera Garnier

The theatre is decorated in red and gold and is lit by a large crystal chandelier. It also features 2051 velvet-covered seating. This space is ideal for a private performance by a star, a private ballet or opera show.

Rotonde des Abonnés

The circular area was once reserved for seasonal ticket holders, who entered it via a covered entrance on east facade. It is now home to the Opera Restaurant. It can accommodate up to 400 guests in cocktail or 200 guests in seated receptions. Beyond the Rotunda is the majestic Pythia fountain nestled under the Grand Staircase.

Rotonde de Glacier

The rotunda is light and airy and features a painted ceiling by Georges Jules Victor Clairin. There are also tapestry cartoons that illustrate various drinks and scenes from hunting and fishing. The saloon has a 1900s feel and was built after the Opera opened. This intimate space is ideal for cocktail parties of up to 200 people and dinners of up to 100 people.

Salon Florence Gould

This gallery is a light-filled space with large windows that offer expansive views of the city. It’s a great place to host cocktails for up to 120 people and dinners for up to 80 people.

Magic Day Insights on Palais Garnier Wedding

Opera Garnier is one of the most special wedding venues in the world. To benefit from its uniqueness most, consider renting the entire venue. Your ceremony will be a special happening on the Grand Staircase that guests will be able to see from the foyers above. The cocktail is a natural continuation of your wedding in the  Avant-Foyer overlooking the staircase. The reception is particularly beautiful in the lavishly decorated Grand Foyer.

Are you considering booking a star performer for your wedding? The Salle de Spectacle is the perfect venue to pamper your guests with a special show.

If you decide to follow our recommendations, there are several important points to keep in mind:

  • Opera’s troop members are the most natural entertainment in this spectacular setting. Considering the extremely tough selection process, it is hard to find better musicians and ballerinas anywhere else.
  • Due to the majestic volumes of the spaces, it is wise to plan for a significant investment into flower decorations and lighting to bring the best out of this architectural masterpiece. Decorations, lights, furniture investment above 200,000 Euro will make it shine its brightest.
  • Opera Garnier is a functioning theatre. It won’t be possible to rent the venue on dates already booked for performances.
  • Palais Garnier is open to public visits during the day. Some types of decorations and technical setup require closing the entire venue for the public, leading to extra costs.
  • Due to the national monument status, the extra investment must be planned to protect wooden floors and meet other conservational requirements.
  • Consider treating your guests to the private backstage tour of the Palais Garnier while the newlyweds are taking the couple’s portraits.

Opera Garnier Wedding Cost

The Palais Garnier wedding price depends on the space and the time required for the event. An Opera Garnier wedding would require a 250,000 Euro investment for the exclusive buyout of all the public spaces. Extras like closing the Opera to the public for 24 hours for installations will cost 165,000 Euro. We recommend budgeting at least 550,000 Euro for your royal wedding at Palais Garnier if you opt for the ultimate exclusive experience.

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