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Your destination wedding in Europe will be perfect with Magic Day — your wedding planner in Europe.

Looking for the perfect destination wedding venues in Europe? European countries are very romantic and beautiful so you are sure to find the one perfectly matching your style of the wedding celebration. You will find an overview of the best destinations for your wedding in Europe on this page.

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Magic Day has been helping couples from all over the world make their dreams a reality for over 12 years now. Our experience spans 11 countries of Europe. We plan to perfection everything from small elopements to €13 million celebrations. The whole planning and production process is precisely documented, tested, and polished with time. Nothing can stop us from producing your perfect wedding in Europe. 

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Wedding Venues in Europe

Italy is a diverse country that offers many breathtaking regions that can be a beautiful backdrop for your destination wedding in Europe. If you dream about an unforgettable romantic European wedding, get married in Italy that offers enchanting locations in historical cities, countryside resorts, magnificent castles, and picturesque coastline villages. You can choose the best location for your wedding in Europe from the stunning Amalfi coast, the eternal fascination of Rome and Florence, sandy beaches of Sicily, the amazing Tuscan landscapes, the unspoiled beauty of Puglia, the romantic waterways of Venice, the beauty of nature of the Italian lakes, astonishing marine landscapes of Italian Riviera.

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France has plenty of fabulous destination wedding venues in Europe to suit all tastes in a variety of breathtaking settings: fairytale French chateaus, romantic and elegant estates, rustic farmhouses and vineyards, finest hotels, and medieval abbeys. You can choose from a variety of beautiful regions and romantic cities starting with the glamorous and luxurious French Riviera with its colorful architecture, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, and amazing cuisine. One of the most romantic cities in the world — Paris is often called the city of love. It is perfect for your wedding in Europe. Loire Valley is sprinkled with hundreds of spectacular chateaus and vineyards and will wow history lovers. The endless fields and quiet pastoral villages of Provence attract numerous stars that host their destination weddings in Europe there.

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Squeezed into just 200 hectares, Monaco is a tiny city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline. It is a magnet for hedonists and high-rollers and is also known for its upscale casinos. There are many luxury hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs. Monaco is associated with glitz and glamour and has plenty of stunning locations and unique settings for your wedding in Europe. It is a perfect destination if you dream of a chic and luxurious European wedding celebration in a celebrity style.

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Beach Wedding in Europe

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Greece is a beautiful country in south-eastern Europe with six thousands of picturesque islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. With its virgin landscapes, fantastic beaches, and century-old sights many of which are UNESCO heritage sites, the country is a popular wedding destination. Santorini is a unique volcanic island that combines spectacular scenery, ancient towns, beautiful vistas, amazing restaurants, and nightlife for a great destination wedding in Europe. Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island that attracts celebrities from all over the world with luxury hotels, magnificent villas, award-winning restaurants, and exceptional beaches. If you dream about a luxury romantic wedding, Athens, the enchanting city that has been the birthplace of civilization, and its Riviera can be the perfect European wedding destination.

Montenegro is an emerging wedding destination that is famous for some of Europe’s most spectacular seaside scenery where ancient walled towns cling to the rocks, rugged mountains, primeval forests, and crystal-clear water. This hidden gem can be a perfect destination for your wedding because it has plenty of stylish and tasteful wedding venues to suit your tastes including the most popular the city of  Budva, the island of St. Stefan popular among celebrities, Kotor, Perast, Porto Montenegro, an elite marina in Tivat and other destinations.

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With its breathtaking natural beauty and ancient architecture, Croatia is one of the most popular countries for destination weddings in Europe and its growing popularity is associated with its starring role in the world-famous HBO series Game of Thrones. The country is crammed with pine forests, wild mountains, charming seaside towns, various beaches, and hundreds of picturesque islands with their own special charm. With its quaint cobbled alleyways, terracotta rooftops, and beautiful Trsteno Arboretum on the outskirts of the city, the medieval city of Dubrovnik is unrivaled for a fairytale destination wedding Europe.

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Spain is an extremely diverse country that can offer something for everyone’s taste when it comes to choosing settings for a fantastic destination wedding in Europe. Catalonia is full of enchanting coasts where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. There are also cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona as well as castles and beautiful rural areas all around it. Madrid is also full of special venues in the city as well as all around it. There are plenty of great places to get married on Costa del Sol and the most popular are beachfront wedding venues. Malaga, the largest city on Costa del Sol is a fantastic location for unforgettable destination wedding Europe and offers a lot of venues with a charming and bespoke style. The Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean – Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca have many world-class boutique hotels, beautiful estates, and private villas and are a perfect place to celebrate the most special day in your life.

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Portugal’s exquisite coastline, fine oceanside resorts, captivating cities, medieval castles, affordable food and wine, golden beaches, and reliable weather make it a great European wedding destination. Sintra is a picturesque town near Lisbon amidst the pine-covered hills of the Serra de Sintra with an abundance of royal palaces. It is surrounded by exotic gardens and has many historic monuments: ancient ruinous castles, decadent mansions, and extravagant palaces, including the finest example of romantic architecture – the Palace of Monserrate which is also an incredible venue for a romantic wedding in Europe. The Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, is home to some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Europe.

Castle Wedding in Europe

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Austria is almost completely covered by dramatic mountain scenery and has a lot of gorgeous towns, cities, and villages. If you are considering a destination wedding in Europe, Vienna in Austria can be a great alternative to the Paris region in France because there are lots of luxury hotels, palaces, and castles. The country’s capital Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world and is also a very romantic city. There are castles and imperial palaces where you can immerse yourself in a completely fairytale world. The Schoenbrunn Palace is a place where history meets modernity and it is available for civil weddings or wedding parties. Belvedere Palace has wonderful ceremonial rooms that provide an exquisite setting for religious and civil weddings and wedding receptions.

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Switzerland is a perfect country for destination weddings in Europe for everyone who is looking for a memorable day surrounded by stunning snow-topped mountains and gorgeous crystal-clear lakes with the most spectacular panoramas. The country offers the most beautiful and luxurious mountains and lakesides wedding destinations. If you are looking for an idyllic setting for your wedding, Montreux Riviera offers several exceptional wedding venues for your special day: the most beautiful Switzerland castle Chateau de Chillon built in the 12th century, Fairmont Le Montreux Palace which is the jewel of Belle-Époque architecture, Hotel du Grand Lac Excelsior, a Victorian-style hotel in a charming and quiet location.

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United Kingdom

The UK is home to some of the world’s most beautiful palaces and can boast of 31 UNESCO heritage sites. It’s a green island with a deeply indented coastline where you can find canyons, mountains, amazing beaches, beautiful lakes, and picturesque river valleys. If you are dreaming of exchanging vows with the love of your life in a fortress, the UK is the perfect wedding destination. The UK has a lot of charming castle wedding venues to choose from that fit for the royal wedding, for example, one of Scotland’s most notable castles, Dundas Castle in Edinburgh, the 18th century gothic Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire, or Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. Looking for an unusual or unique wedding venue? Celebrate the most special day in your life in one of the Historic Royal Palaces, for example, Kensington Palace which is still home to royalty or Hillsborough Castle.

Ireland is a beautiful country that attracts weddings from all over the world. It’s a magical land of castles with more than 30,000 stunning historical castles and castle ruins dotting the Irish landscape. No wonder that there are plenty of fairytale castle wedding venues in Europe that fit every taste from exclusive use of a private home to a 5-star hotel. With its magnificent scenery, fairytale castles and manors, charming culture and people, Ireland is a perfect choice for a wonderful European wedding. Ashford Castle is a luxury castle hotel that dates back from 1228 and can fit everyone’s fantasies of a medieval fortress. Mount Juliet Estate is a manor house set in the beautiful countryside and turned into a luxury hotel.

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The Nordics

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland are mostly rustic chic wedding destinations, combining beautiful nature with some exclusivity as these countries are definitely not on top of the destination wedding Europe list.

Denmark is a kingdom of thriving cities and magnificent dreamy landscapes which are incredibly diverse with towering castles, rolling farmland, wind-battered cliffs and moorland, flat fiords. A destination wedding in Europe, happening in Denmark can be unforgettably romantic and there are many gorgeous locations. Sønderborg is a popular place to get married due to its beautiful castles, dense forests, and dramatic coastline. The capital city of Copenhagen has plenty of wedding venues in European style that seamlessly blends old and new.

Norway is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You will find the majestic mountains, famous fjords, spectacular islands, grand glaciers, picture-perfect villages, and expansive blue lakes. You will have an unforgettable experience if you get married in a snow and ice chapel in the northernmost Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel.

Sweden is known for its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque medieval towns, and burgeoning foodie culture. This Scandinavian wonderland is a superb undiscovered wedding destination and has plenty of fantastic wedding venues. Tjolöholm Castle, built in the 16th century English style is an ideal spot for a magical fairytale castle wedding in Europe.

Finland is the land of towering forests speckled by 188,000 picture-perfect lakes, the world’s best Northern Lights, the world’s largest archipelago with over 80,000 islands, and beautiful old lighthouses transformed into tiny hotels. In the southern areas, there are vibrant cities with the capital Helsinki that features a spectacular ensemble of modern architecture. Many couples get married at Helsinki’s Temppeliaukio, a church embedded into solid rock. Agroksenmäen holvikellari is an underground wedding venue cut in stone.

Iceland is an island close to the Arctic Circle, famous for its towering volcanoes, ice caves, thermal baths, cliffs, glaciers, and waterfalls. Iceland’s dramatic landscapes guarantee the most unique wedding pictures. If you love adventures, you can choose to get married in the stunning nature. As to a wedding reception, you can choose from theatres, museums, hotels, or concert venues such as Harpa Concert Hall.