Italian Lakes wedding

Italian Lakes wedding

Italian Lakes wedding

Italian Lakes wedding attracts thousands of couples from all over the world. The vibrant historical cities of Italy are exciting. The beautiful lands of Italy are equally rich in natural beauty as in the cultural heritage. If magnificent mountain scenery with turquoise water surface and ancient forests take your breath away − Italian Lakes are the best destinations for your wedding in Italy.

Lake Maggiore wedding

Italian Lakes wedding venues

Lake Maggiore wedding venues

This “Emerald” on the map of Italy, Lago Maggiore, meaning “large lake”, washes Italian and Swiss lands. The lake fills a natural pit between the ridges of the Alps. Here, away from the bustle of the outside, travellers will find the clean surface of the lake and the pleasant weather. The picturesque lake, which does not freeze even in winter, gives origin to small rivers. Within the curves of Maggiore a unique archipelago formed, the most famous part of which is the Borromean Islands.

The scenic spots beside Lake Maggiore are real tourist attractions: the magnificent villas and palaces, botanical gardens and, of course, stunning views of the lake and mountains. The weather is amazingly warm from May to October, varying between 22 and 28C. Apart from relaxation at local resorts, there is always something for extreme sports fans including skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing.

Italian Lakes wedding venues Villa Rocchetta

Villa Rocchetta

Villa Rocchetta is one of the highlights of Lake Maggiore shores. This elegant mansion is ideal for weddings. The views of the Alps opening from the villa offer a stunning backdrop for the ceremony. Your wedding will take place in a marvellous atmosphere at the elegant Rocchetta. The green lawn between the villa and the lake or the reception room inside suitable for up to 150 people will be perfect for your Italian Lakes wedding. Various accommodation options are available within walking distance.

Lake Maggiore wedding venues Grand Hotel Majestic

Grand Hotel Majestic

Grand Hotel Majestic is another terrific place for a Lake Maggiore wedding. This building from 1870 belongs to the magnificent architectural style of Belle Epoque. The interior combines historic charm and modern comfort. You can easily go back in thoughts to those days when famous artists and aristocrats used to stay here. Elegant gardens of Hotel Majestic faces the romantic landscapes of the Borromean Gulf. The hotel has several halls for romantic and sophisticated celebrations. Your Lake Maggiore wedding can begin with an exciting and colourful moment of arrival by boat. Majestic offers excellent reception venues and several options of celebration menus. Ideal for weddings and celebrations of all sizes, Grand Hotel Majestic offers endless opportunities for exciting pastimes around your wedding. Among them, we should mention unforgettable night boat trips on the serene waters of Lake Maggiore.

Lake Garda wedding

Lake Garda weddings

The largest lake in Italy, Garda, is only half an hour drive from Milan. This lake is a real natural treasure and a perfect place for weddings any time of the year. The mild and pleasant local climate is created by the Alps and is characteristic of the entire area.

Lake Garda is at the crossing of three neighbouring regions: Veneto, Lombardy, and Trentino-Alto Adige. Tens of small towns bath in the sun and the scents of nature on its shores. The eastern coast of the lake called the Riviera of Olives boasts a perfects Mediterranean climate that helps olive trees grow well. Lombardi part of the lake is the Riviera of  Lemons. Lemon gardens shaped as huge step terraces descending directly to the water along the sloping shores. This region became famous thanks to the rich tradition of winemaking and cuisine.

The broken line of the Alpine mountainscape towers above the clear waters of Garda. You can catch glimpses of terracotta roofs among the greenery of vineyards and orchards. The valley gets filled with colours at the arrival of spring. No wonder that these places once inspired great men, among whom were Goethe, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. David Herbert Lawrence said that Lake Garda is the perfect source of inspiration.

Wedding planner Lake Garda

Magic Day team loves planning weddings around Lake Garda. This lake is one of the most spectacular destinations around the world. Beautiful sights make us all fight for the right to be the chief planners at weddings and events taking place here. We have selected over thirty beautiful venues appropriate for events of different scale. No matter what your preferences are, just get in touch and we will be happy to help you plan your perfect wedding on Lake Garda.

Getting married in Lake Garda

Just like everywhere else in Italy, Magic Day can help you plan any type of wedding on Lake Garda. Local authorities have approved numerous historical villas and gardens for civil marriages. Those not approved for civil weddings are perfect venues for symbolic ceremonies. There are dozens of churches available for Catholic weddings and venues appropriate for other types of religious ceremonies.

Romantic weddings Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a quintessential romantic destination. All the weddings taking place here are romantic. Take a boat ride, have your ceremony organised in front of the mirror-like waters of the lake, celebrate with a dinner on the terrace or inside a centuries-old frescoed reception hall of one of the villas. What can be more romantic?

Wedding Venues Lake Garda Dogana Veneta

Wedding venues on Lake Garda

Dogana Veneta

A famous building of the XIV century, Dogana Veneta occupies the focal point of the old harbour in the town of Lazise. This venue used to be a customs point for ships in the heydey of Venetian Republic. The building fell into disrepair later on, but after the restoration in 2003, it has reopened its doors to guests of exhibitions, shows, conferences and social events. Dogana Veneta perfectly combines an impressive historical facade and all the amenities of a modern conference hall. This room is one of the most elegant wedding venues on Lake Garda and in the whole province of Verona. It can host up to 400 guests. The large outside terrace is a lovely spot to enjoy the view.

Malcesine wedding Scaliger Castle

Malcesine wedding

Malcesine is home to the famous Scaliger Castle that is a perfect wedding venue on Lake Garda, particularly convenient for civil wedding ceremonies. The official fees vary from 400 to 1500 Euro depending on the month and day of the week. Foreign citizens must provide several documents:

– A certificate of no impediment issued by the Town Hall/Registry Office of origin and translated in Italian.
– In case the certificate of no impediment does not include personal data referring to the spouses’ motherhood and fatherhood, they need to provide their birth certificates.
– A photocopy of the spouses’ and witnesses’ identity document.

The couple has to arrive at Malcesine several days before their wedding to sign a statutory declaration of no objection instead of the public notification of marriage at the “Ufficio Stato Civile”.

Lake Garda wedding Villa Sostaga

Lake Garda villas

Villa Sostaga on the top of magnificent hill boasts proximity to the cities of Verona, Trento, Mantova and Brescia. This mansion appeared on the shores of Lake Garda in the late XIX century, as the residence of Count Giuseppe Feltrinelli. The stylish rooms have preserved vintage elegance. Each element of the decor suggests a warm hospitality of a historic villa. A local restaurant offers your wedding guests not only a delicious menu but also more than 200 varieties of Italian wines. You can organise a romantic wedding on Lake Garda with breathtaking views from the well-kept garden.

Lake Garda wedding villas Palace Hotel Cortine

The elegant Hotel Villa Cortine on Sirmione peninsula flaunts in the lush greenery of the park. The interior decorations of the building include Verona marble, magnificent mosaics and luxurious furnishings. Relax in the SPA to get ready for your Lake Garda wedding. Rent a car and go for a ride to the nearby picturesque town of Riva del Garda and Arco, or wander at twilight vaults of the medieval castle. Wedding at Villa Cortine promises to be a great event.

Lake Como wedding

Weddings in Lake Como

Clean and deep waters of Lake Como spread in the Alpine mountains near the Swiss border. These fabulous sceneries inspired artists since ancient times. Fresh air, landscaped parks, magnificent villas, warm waves – it seems that the shores of Como were created to enjoy life. The mild local climate is perfect for olives, vineyards and pomegranate trees. Italians and visitors from abroad have always loved these places.

Ever since Roman times, influential people chose to build their residences here. Leonardo da Vinci once lived and worked on the wonderful shores of Como. Nowadays, celebrities continue to find an escape from fame in their villas around this beautiful lake. Lovely spotless nature has graced the world-famous movies. “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Casino Royale” and the second episode of “Star Wars” borrowed their picturesque scenery in the Italian Como.

There are no noisy or crowded resorts in the area. Amid the lush nature, there are countless villas perfect for weddings in Lake Como in a serene atmosphere.

Wedding planner Como

Magic Day team have planned over 40 weddings on Italian Lakes, with the majority of them taking place on Lake Como. Main reason is that this is where the most luxurious hotels like Villa d’Este and most famous villas like Villa Balbianello are. Get in touch to work with Magic Day – the only wedding planner on Como company that combines standards of multinational company with local expertise.

Lake Como wedding venues Villa d'Este

Lake Como wedding venues

Villa d'Este

Luxury parks and statues of Villa d’Este have been attracting connoisseurs of beauty for centuries. Once a much-loved vacation spot of the English aristocracy, today it is one of the best hotels in the world by Forbes Traveler esteems. This residence of the XVI century awakens a sense of luxury and grandeur of bygone times. Villa d’Este offers 152 rooms with excellent decor and hospitality to the highest standards of the legendary European resort. Three smaller villas: Villa Malakoff, Villa Cima and Villa Garrovo, hide on 25 acres of gardens perfect for relaxation in an exclusive private setting. The Renaissance design and the unique mosaic wall of XVI century preserved in the lower part of the park are among the best known Lake Como wedding venues. Jasmine, roses and azaleas from the local garden will fill your wedding day with fragrance and colours.

Villa Pizzo wedding Lake Como

Villa Pizzo

Villa Pizzo commands one of the most picturesque parts of Lake Como. The interiors preserved their original state with furniture dating several centuries back. Beautiful garden with lawns overlooking the lake is made to be the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Villa Pizzo and its gardens offer numerous options for indoor and outdoor weddings and receptions.

Lake Como wedding venues Villa Erba

Villa Erba

Villa Erba is an architectural jewel of the XVIII century where famous director Luchino Visconti used to spend summers. This house can truly be considered a source of inspiration: the ancient frescoes, richly decorated ceiling, the rooms in the style of Renaissance Mannerism enthral the visitors. Today it is a prestigious venue for events, either warm family celebrations or loud parties until the morning. In the atmosphere of the surrounding luxury, your Lake Como wedding will be perfect. For weddings or events with a significant number of invitees, the famous local conference building can be specially re-equipped in a restaurant under the stars. The beautiful gardens of Villa Erba offer another perfect venue for your wedding on Lake Como.

Villa Balbianello wedding

Villa Balbianello wedding

The most famous estate in the valley of Como is Villa Balbianello. The mansion dominates a steep mountain slope among pine trees and cypresses. The villa built in the XVIII century in a marvellous place where a Catholic monastery used to stand in the XIII century. The original facade and bell tower have survived to this day. The silhouettes of the building look elegant and sophisticated. It’s not a surprise that this beauty appeared in the frames of one of James Bond films. The two indoor banquet halls or an open gallery with a stunning view of the lake will serve as a unique setting for your Villa Balbianello wedding. The gardens of the villa can host a large-scale celebration for 250 people.

Lake Orta wedding

Lake Orta wedding

Lake Orta wedding is your perfect choice in this natural nook in Italy. Located in the province of Piedmont near Grand Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is inferior in size, but not beauty. “Grey pearl in a green box” – this is how the great Honoré de Balzac called this lake. Here, surrounded by the Alps, far from the hustle and bustle there is everything one needs to contemplate the beauty and enjoy the best moments of life. Although Orta is a small lake, its waters are home to the island of San Giulio. This little piece of land surrounded by the emerald waters reminds of a cosy dreamland. Looking away from the luxurious buildings of San Giulio is very hard.

Lake Orta wedding venue Villa Decio

Villa Decio

Villa Decio is a charming house, where every corner bears the imprint of the romantic past. The elegant vintage furnishings from the XIX century decorate the residence. From one of the three terraces, you can admire the evening lights of the opposite shore of the lake. The villa Decio offers unique accommodation. Here the guests can enjoy the views of the lake and the island on the background of snowy peaks of Monte Rosa. The reception hall of the mansion can accommodate up to 90 guests for your wedding on Lake Orta.

Lake Orta wedding Palazzo Penotti Ubertini

Palazzo Penotti Ubertini

House Penotti Ubertini hides between the old houses and cobbled streets of the medieval village on the island of San Giulio. This kind of “Riviera” has always been an attractive place for wedding couples. This building with a neoclassical facade and balconies appeared in the early XVIII century. For those who are planning a Catholic wedding ceremony, the villa is ideal, because the church is just within a few steps away. Halls for celebrations surprise with the pomp of historic interior: marble fireplace, plenty of wood and paintings. House Penotti Ubertini is a great place for a Lake Orta wedding.

Lake Iseo wedding venues

Lake Iseo is another famous and impressive body of water with a unique beauty. Ornate silhouette of the lake stretches among Lombardy Alps 25 km long and 5 km wide. The mild climate is characteristic of the region throughout the year, but it is especially pleasant to visit this area in the summer or spring. Small resort towns and villages occupy the picturesque banks of the lake. The centuries-old forests growing on the slopes of the mountains are giving place to gardens and groves as they approach the lake. Remarkable islands of Monte Isola and Loreto adorn the sheltered waters of Iseo. The quiet streets of surrounding towns are home to a hidden old basilica, houses and galleries notable for antiquity lovers. There are several Lake Iseo wedding venues that we would like to highlight.

Lake Iseo wedding venues I Due Roccoli

I Due Roccoli

I Due Roccoli Hotel is a true masterpiece created for the lovers of nature and art. A vast park of centuries-old trees, evergreen lawn, and flowers hides the main building from external sights. The hotel has retained the charm of the original architecture. Halls and rooms are full of antique furniture and art objects. The main decoration of I Due Roccoli is the panoramic view of the romantic Lake Iseo, its coastal towns and the island of Monte Isola rising from the soft waves. The hotel is an ideal venue to enjoy the incredible beauty of the region and is ideally suited for Lake Iseo weddings. Guests can enjoy an aperitif in the spacious lobby, and host a beautiful wedding dinner on the great patio surrounded by the garden. At nightfall, you can continue your celebration in the Roccolo room. Its windows braided with flowers offer a stunning view.

Lake Iseo wedding venues Relais Mirabella

Relais Mirabella

Relais Mirabella is a romantic and cosy hotel with an excellent restaurant nestled on the green hill of Lake Iseo. All 29 rooms offer every comfort. An immense noble park on 70 hectares of natural forest surrounds the restaurant. Two beautiful art cities of Brescia and Bergamo are close to this Lake Iseo wedding venue. The terrace offers great views of the beautiful Monte Isola island. Your wedding guests will experience cordial and warm welcome at Relais Mirabella. The chef will be more than happy to make the menu of your Lake Iseo wedding in the best traditions of Italian cuisine. The celebration can take place in one of the elegant rooms or on the terrace in the blooming garden.

Carmagnola Castle

The ancient Castle Carmagnola adorns the southern part of the lake. The castle appeared on the shores of Lake Iseo in IV century and had undergone many changes in different historical epochs to impresses us with beauty and grandeur. Nowadays Lake Inn Rosmunda hotel is located in these ancient walls. The local restaurant famous among gourmands from all over Lombardy is a perfect venue for your wedding on Lake Iseo. The old façade and majestic mountains serve as a fabulous backdrop for your Lake Iseo wedding.

Lake Iseo wedding venues Araba Fenice

Araba Fenice Hotel

The hotel with a poetic and mysterious name Araba Fenice (Arabian phoenix) is a real gem on the waters of Lake Iseo. The impressive architecture of the XIX century draws attention to the flawless facade of the venue. Elegant interior decoration tells about the famous Italian hospitality. Once inside, you immediately feel the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity. Local natural beauty and lulling waves of the lake help this perception as the hotel is practically bordering the water. On the terrace perfect for your wedding on Lake Iseo you can have an unforgettable candlelit dinner. The chef of local restaurant Bella Iseo reimagines for you the taste of the familiar Italian and European dishes. You can go for a boat trip to the three nearby islands straight from the hotel, or arrive by yacht to the ceremony.

Wedding venues Lake Bracciano Castello Odescalchi

Lake Bracciano wedding venue

Not far from the capital city of Italy you will find “the well of Rome”, Lake Bracciano. This body of water is located in the crater of an old volcano. The lake offers magnificent views on sunny days: only a thin line of hills on the horizon separates the blue expanse of water from the sky. There are numerous legends about this beautiful place.

However, the majority of dreamers and romantics are attracted here by the local medieval Castle Odescalchi. The spacious chambers with huge windows still keep the original furnishing. Walking within the old walls of Castello Odescalchi you will remember the story of knights and beautiful ladies of their heart.

A wedding in this stunning atmosphere is an enchanting event perfect for Hollywood stars. A world-famous couple – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated their wedding at this venue in 2006. After the official ceremony in Los Angeles the celebrity couple invited their guests to Bracciano.

Lake Bolsena wedding venues Castello Torre Alfina

Lake Bolsena wedding venue

Lake Bolsena, between Rome and Tuscany, is a miracle of nature and the largest volcanic lake in Italy. The dark sand beaches attract not only lovers of summer relax, but also fans of fishing and water sports. The towns of Montefiascone, Capodimonte and Bolsena border the shores of Lake Bolsena. Each of them preserves colourful traditions and unusual stories.

The best wedding venue close to Lake Bolsena is the Alfina Castle, one of the most prestigious historical sites for your wedding in Italy. The safe walls of this ancient fortress offer a private and exclusive venue for your wedding. The majestic setting of Alfina accentuates the importance of your wedding with antique furniture, an abundance of marble and frescoes. There is everything for a stunning wedding any time of the year. Up to 400 guests can enjoy an excellent wedding dinner here. Great Hall of the Renaissance is perfect for wine tasting and the spacious billiard room suits perfectly cocktails over small talk. You will sense a truly aristocratic atmosphere in any of the venues of Alfina Castle.